The Preferred Group

The Preferred Group was formed as consultative services company and to create client relationships at a strategic level.

TPG was established as a separate brand and entity in order to ensure its clientele that it would not hold any particular bias in recommending other related companies service offerings, unless of course those offerings provide the optimal solution to those clients.

Mission & Vision
Mission - TPG’s mission is to raise the performance of our clients’ enterprise by giving them the tools and insight necessary to achieve their goals.

Vision - TPG will become its clients’ most trusted advisor by demonstrating a passion partner in the achievement of their vision.

Service Offerings
TPG’s services will be centered on the strategic & operational management of its client organizations. This exclusively consultative focus will allow for TPG to partner with its clients in the provision of optimal business processes, drawing strategic solutions through to other TPG related companies as well as outside strategic partnerships. Ultimately, TPG’s services will help organizations with one core problem: how to accomplish more with less financial and human capital resources.

TPG’s initial services will be focused on helping clients identify areas that need performance/process improvement in order to achieve specific strategic goals and/or meet specific performance targets. Specifically, TPG will be focusing on its Performance Optimization Services, which incorporate the following:

  • Strategy Services – Strategic design, and the mapping of strategic goals to specific, measurable target metrics in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Performance Measurement Services - Creation of a customized dashboard suite for on-demand monitoring of each KPI
  • Performance Improvement Services- Implementation of performance improvements (PI) to bring inefficient or ineffective processes up to desired performance levels
TPG’s services will be designed to ensure that its clients achieve a return on their consultative investment (ROI) in the form of time, financial and other resources.

Strategic Overview
TPG intends to provide high-level consultative services (competitive to that of larger entities such as Deloitte, PWC and E&Y), with a greater level of customer focus and flexibility, and at more reasonable pricing.

TPG will focus on industry verticals for small and medium sized businesses, we only hire experts focused in those industries. Internal experts are augmented by outside consultative partnerships that will be used to help fulfill operational requirements that best suit our Clients unique needs.

This is just the beginning of our S.M.A.R.T. Process...

Strategy - Facilitate the development of strategic goals and formulate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with target measurements.

Measurement - Create a customized dashboard suite for on-demand monitoring of each KPI.

Analyze - Develop baseline KPI metrics for the organization to best understand current state conditions, and benchmark against strategic goals (1-page plan).

Rhythm - Implement communication rhythms; daily huddles, weekly SMART numbers meetings, monthly P&L, Quarterly planning and annual summits. (on-site, on-line and virtual)

Tune - Implement performance improvements through LEAN (and Six Sigma and TQM like methodologies) in order to bring inefficient or ineffective processes up to desired performance levels, fine tuning along the way.