Total Merchant Systems

Total Merchant Systems was founded on the principle that businesses should be able to trust and value their relationship with their merchant services provider and receive outstanding customer service and support at a reasonable cost.

Merchant Services
A respected leader since its inception, TMS offers business owners a comprehensive suite of payment technologies and merchant services. Our solutions are equipped to meet any merchant need, from processing credit and debit cards for the first time, to creating an online retail presence, to implementing a holistic, future-proof payment technology that provides scalability, flexibility, and security.

In today’s retail environment merchant services extends far beyond our ability to deliver award winning customer service and technical support and our low-cost guarantee for credit and debit card processing. Merchants today are focused on leveraging payment technologies to enhance their customer engagement and drive incremental revenues.

In the world of payments, the focus is on turning transactions into interactions - leveraging new and existing technologies to support business growth through customer acquisition and retention.

Research proves that customers will spend 1.2x's more on discretionary items when paying with credit. This means your guests will be more likely to add extra non-entree items to their order, greatly increasing your profits.

Get the money you need to build your business.
With a cash advance from Total Merchant Systems, you get the money you need to take full advantage of growth opportunities. This is not a loan, but an advance based on your future sales. To pay it back, just keep doing business as usual: We will take a small, agreed upon percentage of your daily credit card transactions. That way, we get paid a little more if business is booming, a little less if sales are slow. You get the money up front, use it however you like, and then we get paid when you get paid. No fixed payment schedule, no restrictions, no collateral, no bank fees — just the cash you need.

TOTAL Merchant Systems Partner Programs
TMS has the partnership program you have been looking for. We have been successfully providing merchant services for 1000’s of customers and we pride ourselves on our values, integrity and knowledge of the business. TMS is known for our innovative approach to growing our partners business and forward thinking in the merchant services industry. Combined with our industry leading support and exceptional compensation plans, we have developed multiple programs for your consideration:

Reseller (VAR) Program
As a TMS partner, VARs are ensured that they are using the most secure and advanced merchant service solutions in the marketplace. Our partner program also features a lifetime residual revenue program and unlimited support from our customer service and technical support teams.

ISO & Agent Program
The TMS Agent and ISO Program provides agents with the credibility of a industry leader and works with them to assure success with a suite of products for today’s ever changing merchants services needs.

Affinity Partnership Opportunities
Designed for member-based organizations including trade associations, master franchisors, and non-profits, the TMS affinity partnership provides a much-needed benefit for members or franchisees and also serves as an additional revenue stream for your organization.

Affiliate Program
One of the most generous and flexible affiliate programs in the industry, TMS provides our business partners the opportunity to earn considerable income from their customer referrals.